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Many of the things we talked about so far will help you attract more customers in your private area, but from this point on… is all about your PERFORMANCE which will determine the average length of your shows and returning customers factor. These two elements are your tools to measure whether you provide a quality performance or not. If you constantly have returning customers spending a decent amount of time in your private show (30 min or more) it means you are on the right path. Obviously if almost all of your customers are spending just few minutes in your private show and never come back, that should trigger an alarm on your side. You have to seriously think about the reasons why is happening like so.

There are many models out there believing that Customer Satisfaction is all about “body game” … getting naked as fast as possible, executing like a puppet everything is requested – no questions asked – no relevant communication whatsoever. From a customer point of view playing with a naked “puppet” could be entertaining for few minutes… but that’s all in most of the cases… next time he will visit another model… simply because playing again with the same “puppet” is boring. “Puppet technique” could ensure a decent living but most of the models doing so will never discover the real benefits of video chat activity.

While you read these lines you might think “But what the hell I can do, if everyone are asking me to get naked fast?”. Well, this is an adult cam site, so is normal that majority will ask for an erotic show, but this doesn’t mean they are not willing to spice their virtual adventure with a sexy dialog, a fantasy and so on. If you only involve your body in the action and the private dialog looks more like a monolog (because everything you say is mostly: thx, mmm, wow, yes, no), obviously the private show will end pretty soon. The chances to see again that customer in your private show are reduced a lot.

On the other side if you are being too pushy with the chatting, ignoring customers requests – trying to delay the action as much as you can even if you were asked to perform … than the results will be similar like in the first case – many will leave your private area disappointed, sometimes angry, they might also ask you for a refund etc

As a conclusion you should remember that each customer is unique, the more you communicate in free and private chat (when possible) the easier will be for you to understand their needs and probably their personality. Understanding them will help you taking the right decision in various situations as well as it will improve the quality of your shows. Don’t think everyone wants a quick “puppet” show because you’re wrong. Also don’t think you are the smartest model in the world and you can play every customer on your fingers because you’re wrong as well.
Providing a great erotic show combined with audio and/or text chat “flavors” as well as being able to entertain the customers with interesting conversations (when possible) are the keys for success.

As we said before, be as natural as possible, be you… don’t let others to set your limits, strive to offer your best performance each and every single time, entertain your customers also with your mind and soul not only with the body, have fun, be creative, use your imagination, surprise your customers as often as possible. Don’t let them getting bored… and don’t allow you to get bored… this activity could be very profitable and enjoyable in the same time… everything is up to you.

What are regular customers?

Xlovecam members returning periodically to the site and spending time in private shows are called – regular customers. There are many on Xlovecam, some of them will visit different models each time they buy credits, some others return for specific models that they like. When you notice a customer visiting your private show several times and different days, he’s close to become your regular customer. They are like “gold” for your activity, keep this in mind and treat them as best as you can. Sooner or later a special bound might be created between you and some of these customers, something like a virtual friendship; these bounds could make your online time more enjoyable and profitable in the same time.

Should I use sex toys in my private show?

Well is up to you, using sex toys is a plus and definitely could determine customers to spend more time with you in private show. Remember also that your ATTITUDE and the way you are using the toys are very important. Think twice if you are planning to use toys just to perform a fake show (fake penetration), more then 90% of the customers can see the differences between real and fake, therefore next time they might look for the real thing. There are models not using sex toys and still being able to offer a great erotic show.

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