XLoveWiki which is more like a Video Chat Book, was created by people with more than 10 years experience in video chat industry and in close cooperation with experienced Studios, Independent Models, Studios and Software Developers. Now you have the chance to learn in a decent amount of time, most of the so called “Secrets” of video chat activity, that for other people took many years to learn by themselves. For sure even very experienced models and studios will find extra useful information on this guide, remember that no matter how experienced you think you are, there are always new things you can learn to improve your results or to make your work easier.

It’s a proven fact that being Self-sufficient, not eager to learn new things related to the activity, if you don’t adapt to the industry trends and so on, sooner or later your results will be affected. Trust us, if you want to become or to continuously be a popular model with amazing and constant incomes for long period of time, you should start reading, learn and apply what is presented in this XLoveCam related Guide. You won’t be able to remember everything from a first read, repeat the lecture often, it will keep you on the right track, it will help you to remember things that you might have forgotten, it will give you new ideas and will put you in a better working MOOD.

Xlovecam - New Xlove
New XLoveCam

For sure there are many other advises and working techniques, that this Guide doesn’t cover yet, but the basics apply to any category and as a general idea, was design to help Models and Studios to better understand how this activity should be treated, to help you realize that Video Chat activity is ALIVE AND KICKING LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

How can I maximize my revenues with XLoveCam?

Every once in a while you may asked yourself this question “How can I earn more money?”, while some of you has found the proper answers, there are still many out there trying to figure out the “secrets” of being a successful cam model. Actually there is no such thing as “secrets”… at least not in the way many of you imagine it. Nowadays all the details required to increase your results are there, right in front of your eyes, even so, many are choosing to ignore it or are being afraid to try making changes or simply they don’t know how to use these details for their own benefit.
XLoveWiki it’s all about helping models to find answers and solutions in order to increase their results. No matter if you are a new model or very experienced one we strongly recommend to read these guidelines thoroughly, everyone can maximize their video chat profits regardless their level of experience.

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