New contest on Xlovecam : The monthly special referral TOP 5

Dear models, dear Studios,

From March 1, 2024, and for a limited time, Xlovecam is setting up a new monthly contest: TOP 5 special Referral

Each month, the 5 models who achieve the highest amount of sales thanks to their referral customers will win:

👉 First place: €1000
👉 Second place: €500
👉 Third place: €200
👉 Fourth place: €100
👉 Fifth place: €100

It is therefore a total of 1900 euros which will reward the 5 best models each month.

If you have social networks, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and others, use them! Encourage your followers to connect to Xlovecam using your referral link.

Social Media

If you have blogs, forums or websites, publish your referral link!

Also remember that your earnings are greater when the new customer registers from your referral link:
20% extra on all credits spent by the customer in your chat
20% extra if the customer spends their credits in another performer’s chat

For models, your referral link is available in your Model Manager HERE

For studios, the referral link for all your models is available HERE

Contest rules & details:
* The monthly TOP 5 referral competition begins on March 1st and has a limited duration.
* Only customers who register for the first time on Xlovecam from your referral link are taken into account. By new customer, we mean any person who has never connected to XloveCam or its White Marks (even as a visitor);
* Almost all referral customer purchases count: private shows, bonuses and all purchases via the Actions Panel -interactive sex toys, virtual gifts, live actions-. Your referral customer’s purchases in another performer’s chat are also taken into account. Only dedicated content purchases are not taken into account.
* If several models have the same amount of referral sales, it is the number of referral customers that will be taken into account;
* If there is still a tie, the number of sales will be taken into account;
* In the event of a total tie between 2 or more models, the prize will be divided between the models;
* Any attempt at cheating or fraud will result in temporary or permanent exclusion from the competition;
*The competition will run monthly, closing time is 00:00 Central European Time (CET).

The results of the competition will be displayed monthly in your model interface on the dedicated page MONTHLY TOP 5 special referral.

Good luck to all models,
The Xlovecam team

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