About Xlovecam Video Chat Platform

Xlovecam online venture started in 2006 and the website has been constantly growing ever since, currently being one of the TOP Adult Cam Sites in the WORLD. We pay Models&Studios in Euros, always in time, right after each working period. We are one of the few cam sites that never decreased Models & Studios Commission and even added features that allow everyone to increase their revenues up to 70% from their own shows and with extra 20% from other Models shows (check the member referral system).

With any decision that we take related to the adult video chat platform we strive to keep everyone HAPPY. We never ignore the global FEEDBACK of Models, Studios, Members & Affiliates, however from our experiences, some of our decisions are often misinterpreted. We realize that a feature or another can’t make every Model and Studio happy, but we at Management level, have to keep a balance, adapt to the industry trends in order to keep the website growing. Creating a perfect cam site only from Models & Studios point of view, without taking in consideration Customers side, Affiliates, Legal Aspects, Billing Aspects, Technology, Industry trends, Profit etc, we will probably end up with a very quiet live cams site, boring for customers, therefore the growth will be close to impossible no matter how much Traffic we push. At that point Models will not CARE anymore, regardless of the “perfection” in features they will leave that platform “I like the website, but wind is blowing in my private chat, no customers”.

That’s why is very important to interpret objectively each change we do, to put yourself a bit in our place as well, customers place etc.. to see the things also trough their eyes. Our Guide will not only teach you how to work in optimal conditions but it also explain the purpose of each important feature that we provide, and how that feature should be used for maximum results.

Keep yourself OPEN MINDED even if you think you are a very experienced Model or Studio, it’s a known fact that FALSE ASSUMPTIONS can greatly affect your results. Being able to see the Industry objectively, to properly analyze each situation, it can make the difference between Models that are earning 500Euros per month and those earning 5000Euros or more each month. Every Model can highly improve their current results, but it depends 100% on the Model decisions and everything starts with BELEIVING that is possible, to have the WILL POWER to make steps forward.

Nowadays information is everywhere, things are 100% CLEAR from our point of view EACH MODEL CAN INCREASE THEIR RESULTS if they start to OPEN THEIR EYES. Luck has nothing to do with Video Chat activity, models being very popular aren’t “Lucky” as some performers are often thinking, they are talented, smart, hard working people, that understood properly the means of being a live chat host and online entertainer, but even a popular model can earn more, keep yourself Informed and Open Minded because SKY IS THE LIMIT.

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