new model daily top 5

New on Xlovecam – Daily Top 5 contest new models special

new model daily top 5

Dear Models, Dear Studios,

We’re delighted that you’ve started your model activity on our Xlovecam platform.

To encourage and support you in your first few weeks, we are running the Daily Top 5 New Models Special from January 4, 2024.

This competition can increase your daily earnings, so take advantage of this opportunity to win more money!

The 5 new models that win the most BONUSES will be rewarded:

* First place: €200
* Second place: €100
* Third place: €80
* Fourth place: €60
* Fifth place: €60

Contest Details & Rules:

– The Daily Top 5 special new models competition is only open to models registered in the “New models” category on the Xlovecam home page.
– The 5 new models who receive the most single bonuses AND Panel Actions (Gifts, Live Action or Inter-active Toys) during the day are the winners of the Daily Top 5 new models special!
– The term BONUSES includes single bonuses AND Panel Actions (Gifts, Live Action or Interactive Toys).
– Amount of TIPS (bonus) from different customers carry better value in comparison with same amount from a single member. For example a model having in a day 100 € in TIPS from 10 customers will win the contest in front of a model with same 100 € value but from 5 customers;
– If there is still a tie, the number of bonuses are then taken into account. For example, a model that has won € 100 in bonuses with 10 customers and 20 separate bonuses will prevail over a model that has won € 100 of bonuses with 10 customers and only 15 separate bonuses;
– In cases of total equality between two or more models, the prize will be divided between the models;
– The same model can win a maximum of 3 times in the same calendar month;
– It’s allowed to ask for TIPS (bonus) in free chat, private chat or offline via messaging system;
– Any attempt at cheating or fraud may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from the contest.

Good luck to you all, and may the best model win!

Yours sincerely,
The Xlovecam team

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