Voice and Music – Sound is King

How do people form first impressions that leads to private shows? They come into your chat room because you look good to them and that can include a whole bunch of reasons. First of all, Guests are people too. Accept from the beginning that converting a Guest into a paying customer is a long shot – put it in a realistic perspective, the job will be a lot less stressful and more fun for you. The best you can hope for is a 20% improvement in your Private Conversion Ratio. Your Private Conversion Ratio is the number of Private shows you get / the number of people that enter your chat room. Conversion Ratio is a measurement of your success at making money as a Webcam Model or as a Cam Girl.

Sound is immediately understood but how do you want it understood? Your voice, even if is is accented by your own language’s inflections, enunciation, or the sounds of another language – your voice can be made to work to your benefit. Some guys think a foreign accent is sexy and attractive. If people are interested in you they will make an effort to understand what you are saying and pay attention to what you say and that is just what you want – what is the pretty girl saying – if they are interested they will listen. Just by their responses you will know who is a good prospect for a private show and who is wasting your time. Try calling out a Guest number or a Member name who is not chatting: Say, “Hello Guest333 How are you?” or similar – just see if they start talking … You have shocked them – “who me?” They feel obliged to say something now or just run away – she noticed me! Now, what do I do? XD You might just be surprised, and at any rate, You have taken control and you need that control to create a sales conversion to a private show. Isn’t that why you are here to make money?

So, don’t be afraid to talk!

Another thing to consider: The use of spoken language improves with practice. Look on speaking in voice as an opportunity to improve your speaking abilities and not as something that is just hard to do – put a positive spin on it 🙂

Music is another very important aspect to consider, many models ignore this aspect and they usually listen songs that they like, without thinking a bit also to what their visitors would like to hear. Just as tip, think what customers who are likely to have money to spend with a cam girl like in musical interest. Then choose your music according to what majority of those visitors would like to hear.
Combine old songs with new ones to target a larger audience… You can also ask your visitors what music they would like to listen to in your chat room. Another example: You can reward a visitor that gave you a bonus (tip) with a teaser plus ask him for a good song that he likes (and others might like).
See yourself as a singer on a stage, you have to “sing” for your audience, not for you because if you put only music that you like, there are less chances to attract users on the site into your private show.

Learn to search on internet for popular songs; romantic, dance, classic, striptease, or other music starting from 1950 to present. Then make your own play-lists. (Google and Youtube play-lists are a good place to start). You could also search for online radio stations for various music types. This may be an even better idea because people behind radio stations know well what their audience is looking for. So, don’t be afraid to try also some other type of music, not just the music you like! Play music for your listener. If you make them happy they will reward you for that.

From the technical aspect, make sure your microphone is close and pointed to you, not toward your speakers, some microphones have various settings in their software – sound mixers settings as opposed to the master system (see if you have these options, this way your voice will sound louder than music, you could also lower the volume of music, to be sure you are heard properly. For hd webcams with integrated microphone you don’t have to worry about, the mic is good quality and are designed to put accent on your voice. For models and studios using camcorders or webcams without microphone, just make sure you buy a quality one, over 30$ or so.

To test the power of sound on yourself, in case you are not convinced by our words, try this: first, watch your TV with the sound off, after that listen to your TV without looking to it. This way you can prove to yourself in just seconds that when it comes to information, emotions, and causing action, sound beats pictures (ears beats the eyes).

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