Solutions to various technical problems that you notice when you go online

Problem: Your CPU load when you go online is 100% and you have an older PC (single core)
Solution: Check your streaming settings, older computers can’t handle High Quality streaming settings, so you most probably have to use BASIC software, smaller resolutions, slower frame rate. If it can’t handle even smaller resolution you have to diagnose your PC as we advice in this guide and you need to consider buying a powerful computer as soon as possible.

Problem: You have a powerful computer or laptop that used to be OK, but after a while it started to perform slow, CPU load is high when you are online, everything is loading much slower than before.
Solution: Use SpeedFan software first to check if temperatures and load of CPU are at good levels when you are online. High Temperatures like more than 70C are a good indicator that your computer is either full of DUST or the ventilation system (coolers) has problems and it’s time to clean it. High temperatures affect PERFORMANCE of your computer CPU, the higher temperatures are the slower your CPU will be.
If everything looks good with the temperatures (max 50-60C) even in 100% CPU load, than you might want to check if there are any software that drain the CPU resources, like an Antivirus that is performing an intensive scanning of your system in the background. Temporary stopping the scanning process will decrease the cpu load. You restart the scanning procedure after you go offline.
A faulty or full with junk files HARD DISK can also cause your computer to run very slow, because your PC will read slower the data from such HDD. Check your main system partition to have enough free space, you should let a minimum of 10GB free space on your system partition. Clean everything that you don’t need, run Ccleaner first to clean all junk files, run Defraggler after (or windows hdd defragment utility) to analyze the fragmentation levels of partitions, perform defragmentation on all partitions if necessary. Check your hard disk for errors with windows built in utility or other tools. If you don’t know how to perform these things, search on YOUTUBE, there are thousands of “how to” video tutorials for each Windows OS.
Any type of Malware like: Virus, Adware, Spyware etc can make your computer to run slow, if you don’t have an anti-virus software, install one right away (like AVG or AVAST free versions) and run a complete scan, also keep in mind that an antivirus might not detect Adware or Spyware programs so you need also a program that will detect these, check – download the free version and scan your system also for these types of malware. You can also try to restore your computer to an earlier time when things were fine, or to reinstall your OS, but keep in mind that if there are DUST problems or HARDWARE problems, these solutions won’t fix it.
If all these technical aspects are too much for you is maybe better to call a specialist to analyze your computer.

Problem: All is working fine online, suddenly your browser is getting slow, your webcam is moving slower, you have problems typing, delay etc
Solution: If you are using Soft New and you have many visitors in your chat room, over 50 visitors, use the HIDE VISITORS button, if the things won’t get better, restart your browser and connect back online, if things are still slow check your internet connection… (for full details on how to check your internet connection – see here) and check out if there are any losses on ping “Request time out”. If you don’t know how to “ping” an website, check on youtube, there are many video tutorials. We provide also Ping and Tracert tools in Network Check page. You can also use WinMtr free windows utility to check where are the losses in case you get more than 5% requests time outs on the ping tests. Same testing procedure is valid also for old Xlovecam Software.
If you are behind a local router, reset it, just in case, to be sure your local router isn’t the source of problem. If ping tests are getting better after router was restarted, you might have problems with it. Flash player related issues can also freeze your browser and/or our software, check next point to learn how to fix flash player related problems.

Problem: Flash Player related problems (flash player will crush, you can’t access flash player settings, browser freezes each time you access a page that has flash on it etc)
Solution: It is known that sometimes Adobe Flash Player can cause problems, even if you have the latest version installed. However you should always update the flash player to it’s latest version, and if you have problems with it, you can first try to reinstall, if that doesn’t solve the problem, you can completely uninstall it using Adobe uninstall utility and tutorial from here: and reinstall again latest version using your Internet Explorer browser and than the other favorite browsers that you use (Firefox, Chrome, etc). If there are still problems, uninstall flash player again and try to install an older version that you know it worked fine. You can find older versions of flash player in this page:

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