Solutions to various situations when using Xlovecam software (Flux Manager, H264, Basic)

Problem: Flux Manager software won’t install
Solution: These are rare situations and on Windows XP can be caused by .Net Framework not being installed on your PC, install .Net Framework 2.0 and 3.5 and reinstall our Flux Manager software. On Windows 7 (or Vista), if you encounter problems with installation – it doesn’t successfully complete for example – run the installer in compatibility mode with Windows XP Service Pack 3 and select “Run this program as an administrator”. To find the Compatibility options just Right Click on the Flux Manager installer >> Click on Properties >> select Compatibility tab in the Properties window

Problem: My webcam (video device) doesn’t appear or the software show another device
Solution: Make sure first that your Webcam is not used by another device, splitter for example, webcam software etc. Disconnect Xlovecam software and if you work with Flux Manager double check in the Settings HD if you properly selected the video device, connect back and check also if in the flash player settings the proper webcam device (splitter etc) is selected. Click on “Webcam preview” button (available only in Soft New) to check if everything is fine also for customers.
If you are using the old software (Soft), you have to check if the Flux Manager has the proper video device selected. Go to Program Files >> Xlovecam Flux Manager folder >> Run “Webcam Selector” and choose proper video device.

Problem: Flux Manager worked fine, after I disconnected and tried to go back online, I get error
Solution: Run Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL), in the Processes list find Fmlecmd.exe, select it and press End Process, close and open again your browser, go online. Same procedure apply also for the cases when Flux Manager get blocked to some step (usually step 7) while going online. If the Fmlecmd.exe process is not in the list, close the browser, restart Xlovecam service, open browser, connect back.

Problem: In Settings HD page, Flux Manager is not detected, it is installed in your PC, but Settings HD page will ask to Download again
Solution: Restart Flux Manager service from your local PC (Program Files >> Xlovecam Flux Manager >> Restart Service), Refresh Settings HD page in your browser, Flux Manager should be detect fine now.

Problem: My camera looks very good locally but in “Webcam Preview” the video is very bad (moving slow, pixelated etc)
Solution: First check this guide related to CPU load, if your CPU usage is not very high (90-100%), than check your Streaming settings, if you work in 320×240 than is normal to see a degradation of image as on the website the default video size is close to 640×480. If you want better quality, increase resolution to 640×480 (in our software but also in splitter software if you use one) and adjust streaming settings – allocate more bandwidth. Soft New + Flux Manager comes with many custom settings, you could test and see which are better for you. If you are using a splitter software, test also without the splitter, to be sure your splitter (or some bad settings in the splitter) doesn’t cause the degradation in quality.

Problem: Audio doesn’t work
Solution: Check your local audio settings first, to make sure the Microphone you try to use is detected&working properly and also to make sure the Microphone isn’t disabled or it has the volume level set to 0. Some Microphones comes with ON/OFF button, check this as well maybe you switch it OFF by mistake. You should check both Windows OS recording device settings and also Sound Card Software settings, keep in mind that ussually the sound card software can overwrite the Windows OS settings, so is ok to use only the Sound Card Software, but for example, if you are using an USB Microphone or Logitech HD Webcam integrated Microphone, your Sound Card Software most probably won’t detect it, so the only way to check the settings is to use Windows OS Recording Device settings (search on youtube for tutorials, if you don’t know how to access recording devices settings). Also When online on old Soft (both Basic and Flux Manager) also Soft New – Basic and H264, check flash settings, Microphone tab and make sure your default audio device is selected. You can also adjust audio level either from our software or flash settings. When you are online using Flux Manager from Soft New, the audio is captured by the Flash Media Encoder, adjusting the volume from flash settings in this case it won’t have any effect. You can select proper audio device before going online from Settings HD page, as for your microphone level can be easily adjusted from Windows OS Recording devices settings, Microphone Properties, level (if you don’t know to find these options check on youtube there are many video tutorials).

Problem: Flash player started to crush after several hours working, I can’t connect back because of this issue.
Solution: Restarting you computer should fix this, however to not encounter again this problem too soon, we recommend to you use different browsers for the other things you do beside Xlovecam… for example, if you are working on another cam site with browser software, use Xlovecam in Firefox for example and the other site in Chrome, IE etc.. (or vice-versa). Same procedure apply for any other website that use flash player – like youtube for example, open these websites in different browser.
If this doesn’t solve your problem, try to uninstall and reinstall flash player.

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