Connecting your OLD CamCorder (hi-8, minidv etc) with capture card or tv tuner

Keep in mind that Firewire connection gets the best quality possible out of your old camcorder, using a tv tuner or capture card will have less quality, also require more technical skills to setup it properly, but use less CPU, because you can capture the image directly from capture card with smaller resolutions like 320×240, 640×480. This method can still be good for models with older computers. Keep in mind that final quality of this connection method is determined also by: quality of camcorder, quality of Svideo or RCA cables (usually Svideo is better), quality of your capture card or tv tuner. Also image is captured INTERLACED, so you will notice horizontal lines on movement, in order to get to fix this you need to DEINTERLACE the image captured by the card, you can do this either with Webcasmplitter or with the Flux Manager software – Soft new, in Settings HD page, Flux Manager, Custom Options, you can find an option to apply Deinterlace to your live feed. Remember that when using Deinterlace filter you loose an extra 10% or so on image quality. If you have a powerful computer, consider using Firewire and apply color corrections from Camera settings and Webcamsplitter color correction settings (or other splitter software).

Check out these images to see how you can connect your camcorder to pc using a tv tuner or capture card




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