Christmas Cash Contest 2021 : Congratulations to the Winners

Dear Models,

Our “BEST CONVERTING MODEL” contest to reward you for your efforts, held December 1st to 31st, 2021 has successfully ended.

The first 5 winners are:
Sayaire B. : 6 000 €
Ana S. : 3 000 €
Tatiana I. : 1 000 €
Christelle R. : 700 €
Ana T. : 300 €

From 6th to 100th place: 100 € per model.

In total, the incredible sum of 31,000 euros is distributed.

We want to let you know that all the winners will be soon contacted by our team.

Payment will be made on the next invoice date (January 17th 2022).

Thank you all for your participation !

Model Support

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