Actions Panel: Lots of new actions available

Dear model,

For your greatest pleasure, and also that of the users, we have enriched the offer of actions in the “Live Actions” section of your Actions Panel.

The available new actions are :

  • Sensually licking my fingers
  • Saying the user’s name while masturbating
  • Opening my mouth and playing with my tongue
  • Pinching my nipples
  • Show my wet underwear
  • Twerking
  • Slap my butt cheeks
  • Do doggy-style position
  • Spread my legs wide
  • Spread my butt cheeks open

These new actions are in addition to the existing actions and are not mandatory.

You must **activate each new action you want to add*.

Log in now to your Model Manager > Shows & Profits > Business settings & prices / Manage Actions Panel / Live Actions
click HERE to :

  • Activate the new actions you wish to add to your Actions Panel
  • Indicate your price (between 1 and 30 euros) for each added action.

Don’t forget!

Best regards,
The Xlovecam Team

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