About working on multiple sites

As you may know we don’t ask for exclusivity on Xlovecam, you can work on as many cam sites you want (but preferably not in the same time). According to Xlovecam statistics, models with the best results are those working exclusively on Xlovecam, followed closely by models streaming few hours only on Xlovecam and then working on other cam sites. Obviously at the end of the list are models working on multiple websites in the same time and even worse – multiple sites with free chat. You might ask: “Why is so wrong to work on multiple sites at once, I can make more money like this, is not so?” – Well at a first look it seems so but in reality most of the models working on multiple good sites in the same time are actually loosing money and we further explain why:

  • Your attention is divided, no matter how fast you type and how experienced you are, you can’t provide the same performance on all cam sites you are working on, especially if the other sites are featuring also a free chat area.
  • Your internet bandwidth is divided between sites – most of the cam sites has introduce high quality performer software – including us – you know we have Xlovecam Flux Manager or H264 alternative for High Quality and we strongly recommend all models to use the High Quality feature. Using latest streaming applications will help you increase your sales, but using all in the same time will most probably overload your internet bandwidth and your pc resources… causing slow or bad quality video and other various problems – all these will surely affect your overall sales.
  • Every time you are in private show on another cam site, you have to switch Xlovecam to Forced Private Mode or close the software, therefore you might interrupt a chain of events, an open discussion in free chat, maybe a customer wants to join your private area right in that moment etc. Swiching or disconnecting the software all the time not only it will affect your sales but is also affecting your image in the long run (some potential customers will avoid your chat room, simply because you close the “doors” in their face too often).

So if you are serious about making real good money, we strongly recommend taking in consideration our advices related to “multiple sites in the same time”.

If you choose to continue working on several cam sites in the same time – at least do it in a smart way – make sure you have enough internet bandwidth and a good computer to run multiple sites without loosing quality and video frames. If you don’t trust our words, no one stop you to make your own tests, for example lets say you work on 2 popular cam sites in the same time, but due to your internet speed, old webcam, older computer you are not able to provide High Quality on both cam sites. What you can do during this test period is to work at one site at a time, let’s say 4 hours on Xlovecam with High Quality and 4 hours on the other cam site with High Quality. After these 2 weeks compare the results and see the differences, in most of the cases models will notice an increase in sales on both sites, so you will understand than that a faster internet line or a new powerful computer that ensure optimal condition to be able to keep both sites at High Quality in the same time, it will help you to generate more MONEY.

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