About the QUALITY of live feed (video stream)

A clear crystal image and a fast video stream are the elements that compose a high quality live feed. As you probably noticed we place models providing High Quality video in the top of Xlovecam online models list (for High Quality sorting method). If you want more customers in your private area, you should definitively try to improve the quality of your live video, also your current customers will be happy for that and will spend more private time with you.

Your Internet Connection is responsible for the video flow – in order to broadcast a faster video – more then 15 frames per second, Xlovecam Flux Manager require a minimum of 512kbs upload bandwidth. Keep this in mind – Flux Manager is capable to auto configure depending on your current internet bandwidth, meaning that you’ll still be able to connect to Xlovecam even if you have a slow connection (lets say 256kbs), but the quality of image and video speed is reduced considerable therefore it can’t be tagged as HIGH QUALITY. If you work on multiple sites at one time, most probably your bandwidth is already overloaded, if so, there is not enough upload for our software to run in optimum conditions for HIGH QUALITY. In order to check your internet speed in connection with Xlovecam use SpeedTest.net on an Amsterdam server, this website will test internet speed between your computer and a server close to our servers location, if results are more then 512kbs upload/download then your good to go, if not – you should consider buying more bandwidth, changing your internet provider, reduce the number of websites you are connected on. Keep in mind that 512kbs is minimum for acceptable Quality, the more bandwidth you can provide, the better it is. We strongly recommend not ignoring your internet connection; make sure is fast and stable even if you have to pay some extra bucks for it, what you could get in return will worth it.

Camera and accessories – are responsible for IMAGE QUALITY – With proper lighting and a good HD webcam, Camcorder or HD Camcorder with remote control you can do magic in terms of IMAGE QUALITY, if you add a PAN-TILT and a TRIPOD to this combination you open the doors to a whole new level of performance and comfort. Instead of wasting a lot of time positioning and repositioning your old webcam, you just push few buttons for zoom or positioning camera, so that your work will become easier this way and you’ll be able to offer a whole new experience to your visitors and customers.

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