Webcam related issues

Problem: Webcam is moving very slow both locally and online
Solution: If you have a very old webcam, consider buying one that we recommended in this guide. If you have a new one, consider adding more lights (check the instructions in this guide related to the optimal light settings), check the webcam settings, high Exposure and Gain levels will cause decrease in FPS (frames per second). Disconnect webcam from usb port, wait 10 seconds, put it back (try also different usb port). If you have many usb devices, try to let the webcam alone and after that connect each usb device one by one and constantly check the fps of webcam (using Webcamsplitter software).. in order to test if any usb device is affecting the webcam. If you are using an usb splitter (hub) it can also affect webcam stability, so try to connect the webcam directly into an free usb port and use the hub for other devices.

Problem: Webcam is moving slow in the software but online in Webcam Preview all looks good
Solution: This is normal if you use Flux Manager connected directly to your Webcam/Video Device, this was done in purpose by us to reduce the load on your side, because the webcam is already in use by the Flux Manager, so we show your image in the software directly from our servers but at a reduced fps to SAVE PC resources on your side, because the alternative was to not show the video at all in model software. What’s more important is that visitors to see you properly and you can check this by using Webcam Preview feature. We know there are models being stressed that they don’t see themselves in real time, but if your computer is powerful enough you can use a quality splitter software and in this case the video will look OK also locally. Webcamsplitter is a good choice for the time being.

Problem: Webcam is not detected by the software
Solution: First make sure that is not used by another application (messenger, splitter, webcam software etc), if you are sure about this procceed to next step. Unplug your webcam from usb port, connect it back after 10 seconds. You can also try a different USB port. Check if your PC detects properly. If still doesn’t work, Uninstall&Install again latest webcam drivers; if that doesn’t solve the problem try to see if your webcam is ok in a splitter software and connect to the website using the splitter as video device. If you have codec packs installed in your PC, in some cases it can affect the webcam, consider uninstalling any codec packs and try again. You can ask also assistance from us via Teamviewer, we will try to help as soon as possible, to give you a confirmation if your webcam is broken or not.

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