Special offer : Studio.cam for free

Dear studio manager,

We have very good news for you!

Studio.Cam services are now available for free to studios registered on the XLoveCam platform making 500 EUR of sales/month or more.

This is a great opportunity for all model studios! Take advantage of it now!

Why choose Studio.cam, a software of managing video chat studios available from XLoveCam ?

If you are struggling with collecting all the data for optimizing and running your studio’s activity then signing up on Studio.cam is the right solution for you.
Once the Sign Up is completed, the support team from Studio.Cam will get in touch with you to guide you through the initial setup during the free 1 to 1 online training session, in order for you to enjoy using the software optimally.

Studio.cam provides an incredible feature. You can import your models from XLoveCam to Studio.Cam, relieving you from adding each model individually into the software.

Some other benefits of studio.cam are :
– Automatic earnings for all your models and platforms.
– Auto login of the models to the platforms.
– Monitoring of the models computers and their activity print screens.

Look at our clip on Studio.cam and see how easy it is to use!
Also available on YouTube..

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question,

Best regards,
The Xlovecam team

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