Software tools or online utilities that can make your life easier

    • SpeedFan – maily used to check cpu, system, hdd temperatures, CPU load and Rotation per Minute of your CPU Fan (usually optimal rotation speed is between 2000-3000 RPM when your CPU is used over 40-50%) poor fan rotation speed and high temperature is a clear indicator that your cooler fan needs to be cleaned of DUST or replaced.
    • Cpu-Z – used to quickly find your system specs, to have complete details about your hardware (cpu, mainboard, RAM memory, video card)

  • Speccy – alternative for SpeedFan, Cpu-z etc, it shows complete details about your system, temperatures, cpu fan speed etc. It can be used to create a “snapshot” of your sistem File >> Publish Snapshot, the software will provide you with an url (web address) that you can send to us via email or live support, to have a much better idea about your computer, this way we can save a lot of time on both sides.
  • FreeMeter – software utility to locally monitor the download&upload bandwidth, it can be used to determine how much bandwidth is used by a software or another, your live stream etc.
  • WinMTR – software utility to perform ping and trace route in order to determine if your connection with a particular website or another is stable enough. In video chat activity, if there are more than 10% packets losses, your live stream will be delayed, froze from time to time etc
  • – popular website to test your internet speed, for Xlovecam you should test on Amsterdam servers
  • Webcamsplitter or Webcamsplitter Pro – the only splitter that we know that will show you the fps delivered by webcam (or any video device). Knowing the fps will help you understand if your webcam is setup properly, if you have enough light, if there are problems with it etc. In optimal condition all modern webcams (video devices) should be able to deliver a minimum of 30fps.
  • Ccleaner – mainly used to quickly clean your computer (erase junk files, temporary files, history, etc), it can also by used to optimize the Startup of your Windows OS, to disable some of the programs that starts with Windows, can be used as well to install and uninstalls programs, delete old restore points etc
  • Defraggler – defragmentation tool, faster and easy to use. You should run it at least once a month, otherwise, depending also on the hard drives usage, the files on the hard drive will be more and more fragmented causing your system to run slow.
  • AVG free edition or Avast free edition or any other popular anti-virus software, (as long as it doesn’t affect your work), you should install only one at a time, don’t install/run multiple anti-virus software in the same time as it will cause system instability in many cases.
  • Malwarebytes Free – anti-malware software – it can be installed along with the anti-virus software, it can detect extra adware, keyloggers etc.. that usually an anti-virus alone can’t find.
  • – online tool to scan email attachment or various files you download from internet. VirusTotal will scan the file with over 40 popular anti-virus applications. Also VirusTotal can be used to scan a webpage before visiting it, to verify if it contain malicious code.
  • Uninstall Flash player utility and guide
  • Get the latest version of flash player

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