OBS : New technology for better streaming quality

Dear model,

For a few months now, to stream on the XloveCam platform, you have been able to use the Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) streaming software.

There are many advantages with OBS :

  • OBS offers an alternative to standard publication based on flash technology.
  • you can use customizable plug-ins to improve user experience.
  • you can use augmented reality filters with Snap Cam
  • you can create virtual webcams
  • you can use several webcams simultaneously
  • like other publishing tools, you can stream from home, or anywhere else you are. All you need is a pc or mac and a good speed internet connection to publish your video stream,
  • the OBS control panel is optimized to give you access to a wide range of configuration options and allows you to customize your streaming.

For those of you who use the standard interface based on flash technology, we strongly recommend that you use the new streaming interface which integrates OBS.

Indeed, for a reason completely beyond our control, Flash technology will no longer be maintained or simply withdrawn from the main browsers (Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) during this year 2020, rendering the standard interface obsolete and unusable.

You will find a complete step-by-step installation guide on your model manager’s help page HERE

And our support chat is at your disposal to answer all your questions,

So don’t wait until the last moment to switch to OBS.

In the future, choose “Start show – new interface” >> OBS when you want to start your show.

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