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Marseille (France) – Age verification, a new challenge

Adult platforms operating in Europe are currently facing significant legislative adjustments following their recent official classification as “Very Large Online Platforms” (VLOP) under the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA). This designation entails stricter obligations regarding user age verification, as well as specific measures to reduce the spread of illegal content. According to the DSA, these platforms must strengthen their age verification protocols by February 2024. This marks a major turning point in industry regulation, with significant implications for the operators of these sites.

GO.cam, the innovative solution made in France, emerges as a relevant response to these new regulatory requirements. With its exceptional speed, GO.cam constitutes a key advantage for operators seeking to comply with the new regulations.

Quick Verifications

By reducing the time required for user age verification to approximately 15 seconds, GO.cam offers a practical solution tailored to evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring platforms compliance without compromising user experience. This promise of real transformation reflects a proactive approach to simplify and expedite verification processes, providing operators with an effective means to meet new regulatory expectations without compromising service quality.

Secure Data

The company emphasizes double anonymity, ensuring that the collection of personal data is strictly avoided: no data is transferred to GO.cam or the platform for which GO.cam performs the verification. All verifications are done on the user’s device, and no private data circulates the network for this verification. Its approach relies on the use of the smartphone or computer camera, coupled with locally executed artificial intelligence, to estimate the user’s age quickly and accurately. If the verification result does not certify the person’s majority, the system will request the presentation of a valid identification document.

Simple Integration

With a simple iframe call or in a new window, a secure session is established with the end user, and the verification result is securely sent to the merchant’s site.

Anticipating market needs and offering a technologically advanced solution, GO.cam positions itself as a key player to help adult platforms successfully navigate current regulatory challenges and ensure a safer online experience for their users.

A simple pricing 0.03 Euros per verification.

For more information, please contact: sales@go.cam

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