go.cam open source promise

Go.Cam: Launch of the Open Source Version – An Initiative to Restrict Minor Access to Adult Sites

go.cam open source promise
go.cam open source promise

MARSEILLE, France — Faced with mounting concerns regarding minors’ exposure to sexual content online, many European countries such as France, the United Kingdom, and Belgium have enacted laws aimed at protecting minors from inappropriate and often explicit content. To comply with these new requirements, adult websites must now use age verification systems (AVS). However, existing solutions are often costly, complicated to implement, and may pose privacy issues. It is in this context that the Go.Cam solution makes its entrance.

What is Go.Cam?

Go.Cam, now open-source [HERE], is a simple age verification system designed to meet the needs of protecting minors while respecting user privacy. This system offers two easy-to-use and secure age verification methods:

1. Facial recognition: A quick selfie is all that’s needed to verify the user’s age.

2. Identity document verification: For enhanced security, users can submit their identity documents.

“GO.cam provides a practical solution tailored to evolving regulatory requirements – ensuring platform compliance without compromising user experience – by reducing the time required for user age verification,” explained the representative. “Operators thus have an effective means of meeting new regulatory expectations without compromising service quality.”

The representative highlighted GO.cam’s double anonymity, which “ensures that the collection of personal data is strictly avoided: no data is transferred to GO.cam or the platform for which GO.cam performs the verification. All verifications are performed on the user’s device, and no private data is transmitted over the network for this verification.”

Privacy Compliance

One of the major advantages of Go.Cam is its strict respect for user privacy. The system has been designed to ensure that no personal data is collected or shared. This approach significantly reduces the risks of minors accessing adult sites while creating a trusted environment for adult users.

Advantages of Go.Cam

The introduction of Go.Cam offers several notable advantages:

Reduced bounce rate and traffic loss: Go.Cam reduces bounce rate and traffic loss through an immersive and engaging user experience. It provides quick verification in less than 15 seconds, thereby avoiding long loading times and improving page fluidity.

– Increased minor protection: By effectively verifying user age, Go.Cam significantly reduces the likelihood of minors accessing adult content.

– Privacy compliance: By avoiding the collection and sharing of personal data, Go.Cam respects user privacy concerns.

– User trust: By offering additional security and a transparent verification process, Go.Cam enhances user trust.

In conclusion

The launch of the open-source version of Go.Cam marks a significant step in online minor protection. This innovative and privacy-respecting system effectively and affordably meets the needs of adult sites. By adopting Go.Cam, adult sites can not only comply with new regulations but also ensure a safer online environment for all.

For more information, contact  sales@go.cam

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