Recommended settings procedure for all Logitech HD Webcams

This recommended procedure for adjusting your webcam settings is valid for all Logitech HD Webcams using latest Logitech Software. Same principles described here will apply also to other webcams from different manufacturers, only that the software and options names will be different. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH HAVING PROPER LIGHTING CONDITIONS. WITHOUT ENOUGHT LIGHT YOUR WEBCAM WON’T […]

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Using the latest model software – “SOFT NEW” to broadcast with HIGH QUALITY

Important Note: High Quality means resolutions between 640×480 and less than 1280×720, everything that is in this range is High Quality, every resolution higher than 1280×720 (including 1280×720) is HD resolution. So, for example, 640×480 and 800×600 are HIGH QUALITY (not HD), some popular cam sites use the term HD for 800×600, but this is […]

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